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What Are Resin Art Toys?

Jul 25, 2023HOMMI -
Art toys are unique creations that merge art and playfulness. From designer vinyl figures to hand-crafted resin pieces, art toys capture the imagination of enthusiasts, artists, and pop culture fans worldwide.
At HOMMI, we design and produce resin art toys...but what sets them apart?
Higher Level of Detail and Craftsmanship
Resin toys are typically hand-cast in small batches, which allows for more intricate designs and finer details. The level of craftsmanship in resin toys can be exceptional, making them more appealing to collectors who value artistry and attention to detail.
Limited Editions and Exclusivity
Resin toys are often produced in limited quantities, sometimes as small as a few pieces or as part of limited edition runs. This exclusivity can make them more desirable to collectors who appreciate rare and unique items in their collections.
Customization Options
Resin toys are often available as blank or unpainted figures, giving collectors the opportunity to customize them according to their preferences. Artists and hobbyists enjoy the creative aspect of painting and modifying these toys to create one-of-a-kind pieces.
Greater Variety of Designs and Artists
While vinyl toys are popular and have a significant following, resin toys often appeal to a niche market. This can lead to a wider variety of unique designs and artists, offering collectors a diverse range of styles and themes to choose from.
Collectible Value
Due to their limited nature and artistic appeal, resin toys may hold their value better in the collector's market. Some resin toys from renowned artists can become highly sought-after over time, leading to potential appreciation in value for collectors.

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