HOMMI Drop 1 x Karim Rashid.

QUENTIN Play brights up any room. This artbot is a companion that sides with you in your adventures. A nod to classic joysticks and controllers, his playful iconic design lets the kid in you come alive.  

- Handmade out of solid resin

- Available in 2 sizes: 33 cm and 22 cm

- Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

- Limited edition of 1000. Series stamped on the underside of each foot.

All HOMMI collectibles are shipped in their original boxes and together with a certificate of authenticity.

Shipping for the 22 cm variant starts in Juli. 


The collection revolves around celebrating the intersection of art, design, and sci-fi culture, with a nod to Karim's childhood days.

"My Artbots are three diverse characters inspired by my childhood when I was absolutely fascinated with science fiction films and novels. I hoped my best friend would be an expressive robotic figure that would allow my imagination to soar."

"Atlas, Quentin, and Arlo. Each Artbot expresses a different mood, a different form, and a different communication of the movement towards robotic animated personas."



Take a nostalgic journey back in time to the Edgy Eighties with Atlas MAX, combining its sleek design with a dash of individuality.

ARLO Checker

Arlo CHECKER embodies curiosity and self-expression with its friendly design. With a visor adorning its face...